1323 Neans Dr Austin, Texas


When the rest of Quail Creek was just pasture, this was one of the first homes to be built in the neighborhood. The Johnston Family bought this house new in 1974, at the exact same time that their neighbor purchased their home- the same neighbor still lives next door! Located on one the oldest and nicest blocks of the whole neighborhood, we were so lucky to be granted the opportunity to update the layout with many features including a completely restored pool, all new electrical, bathrooms, kitchen, appliances, and an outdoor lounge! This home is perfect for a small family, especially with a gorgeous front office. The new owners are very much enjoying their new domicile.

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1,716 SQFT




Single Family Residence

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North Lamar





North Lamar

Just seven blocks wide and about 1.5 miles long, North Lamar is situated between N. Lamar Blvd. on the west and I-35 on the east. Along Lamar Blvd. there are many retail businesses like auto service shops, truck rentals, low rent motels, pawn shops, and fast food options. The neighborhood is known for having a higher crime rate even than other low-income areas of town, particularly the south section near Rundberg Ln. 

Two bright spots in the neighborhood are Chinatown Shopping Center, which opened in 2006, and Brownie Park. Chinatown features Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants and businesses, Vietnamese video rentals, Chinese hair salons, and a large Asian supermarket. Across Lamar Blvd. is a strip mall with another Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant, as well as a Mexican grocery store. Half-acre Brownie Park has picnic tables and a playground and is used mainly by the local residents. 

Being adjacent to I-35 and Lamar Blvd. makes it easy to commute from the neighborhood to the rest of the city, and downtown is just a 15-minute drive. Public transportation is also accessible. Traffic and noise can get bad along I-35 and Lamar Blvd. Inside the neighborhood, away from the main thoroughfares, the environment is residential, with wide, tree-lined streets, modest-sized bungalows, and inexpensive apartment complexes.

Because of the neighborhood's reputation and distance from downtown, housing here is among the most inexpensive in Austin. Some homes still go for less than $100K. The low housing cost attracts students and young singles just starting out. But the population turnover is high; only about 15 percent of people stay here longer than five years.

Brownie Park

Quail Creek Park

Chinatown Center

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Walnut Creek Elementary School 

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Lanier High School


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