When Getting a Financial Advisor is a Good Idea

Many people like to do things themselves—they do not want to ask for help or bring on someone else to help them navigate a problem. While this may oftentimes be a good quality to have, sometimes, you need to recognize when you are in over your head—especially when it comes to home ownership. Read on […]

The Gift of Financial Security: Real Estate!

By now, it’s no secret that investing in property is a responsible and lucrative move to make, but almost no one would think that gifting a college-aged child with such an investment would be responsible or lucrative in the slightest– you’re going to trust the person who probably doesn’t even know how to do their […]

We Came, We Saw, We Partied: A Brief Recap of our Summer Soiree!

We feel quite comfortable knowing that our Summer Soiree was a rousing success. We were so excited and honored to combine our passion for beautiful homes with the varied passions of members of our community. This latest high-end event is far and away our most engaging and successful open house to date. Gone are the […]

“Aloe” from the other side; I must have called a thousand “thymes”!

(Pardon the terrible plant puns, I simply couldn’t resist the temptation.) As we’ve been discussing over the last few weeks, small changes can make a big impact; Even the most insignificant water droplets ripple across the largest ponds! Continuing that theme, the simple act of cultivating an indoor garden can reap countless health benefits with […]

Invest in your future, invest in your life!

Investing in real estate can be an intimidating endeavor, but if done right, it can be a great business move. Here is why investing in real estate is a good idea. Real estate investments generate passive income! When purchasing real estate and leasing the space to a tenant, one would receive ongoing income every time […]

Let’s shed a little light on the subject, shall we?

Today, “the subject” referred to in the title is the topic of energy efficiency in lighting choices! Fun fact: the simple act of changing your light bulbs around the house can benefit both the environment AND your wallet! Who here doesn’t enjoy good, ol’ fashioned savings? It seems pretty easy, almost TOO easy…but we assure […]

Vertical Gardening: The Urban Plant-Lover’s Dreamscape!

Hi, friends and neighbors! Let’s talk about plants, shall we? Gardening is relaxing, educational and aesthetically pleasing; it is also sustainable for the environment and supports your usage of locally sourced fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables. However, it can also take up a ton of space that you may not have, especially in urban centers […]

Come on in; Stay Awhile.

Welcome, and thank you so much for stopping by our humble new abode! We are thrilled to present the new and improved Loved Homes website! Feel free to have a look around; there’s new stuff to see everywhere. We are Loved Homes; born and bred in Austin, Texas in the early summer of 2014, we […]