We feel quite comfortable knowing that our Summer Soiree was a rousing success. We were so excited and honored to combine our passion for beautiful homes with the varied passions of members of our community. This latest high-end event is far and away our most engaging and successful open house to date. Gone are the typical showings featuring bland tours and a sad plate of finger foods– this is a modern retelling of the classic Open House tale;  Incorporating elements like live music, gourmet food, handcrafted cocktails, fashion, networking opportunities, and charity fundraising into this event has helped all of us come closer together and celebrate one another, as well as put some influential eyes on our stunning property at 4604 Avenue F.

As you know, the Loved Homes Presents RBBoys & Friends Summer Soiree supported The Ferrari Kid, who is beloved amongst the Austin community and beyond for giving “sick kids the ride of a lifetime.” We are incredibly proud to say we raised significant funds for The Ferrari Kid Foundation via our featured silent auction, alongside our marketing and vending partners (96.7 KISSFM , ESPN San Antonio, Austin Creative Arts Center, Sound design and execution by Tech Hipp, Founding Austin Magazine, Massages by Pampering Pros, ListingSpark, Eyeware by King & Rose, handbags by Kyari, incredible Mexican artisan crafts and women empowerment by Alegreea, and sterling silver jewelry by Nina Leigh Designs). Without the help and support of our partners, this event would not be at all possible and the funds we raised would never have come together. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much.

We also must extend a shout out and thanks to BeatChaser and Primo for rocking the crowd and providing unforgettable musical stylings for the party. The fashion show, starring collections by Ross Bennett and Brittany Allen, was inspiring and entertaining; all of the guests in attendance were stunned over the chic, beautiful designs. The backyard was turned into a concert space, complete with drinks and dancing. We are willing to bet Austin has never seen an open house quite like it. If you couldn’t make the event, you missed out on our very own Loved Homes president Dimitri kicked it old school on the keytar—it was truly an experience to behold.

Delicious beverages were provided by Dulce Vida Tequila and they really hit the spot for an outdoor summer party in the Texas heat. Tacos fresh off the grill by Gather & Forge made the party a classic Texan event—what could be a better combo than tacos and tequila? (Name a more iconic duo; we’ll wait. )

We are beyond grateful to all who attended and shared their experiences and we are SO proud of the shared success that all vendors, sponsors, and beneficiaries have been able to enjoy as a result of all of our hard work. If you are interested in checking out more of the space and following the progress of the final finishing touches (such as the custom fish tank in the kitchen,) and the long-awaited sale of this gorgeous modern farmhouse, head to our website and find the most current details and pictures depicting our house at 4604 Avenue F. Interested in owning this piece of Hyde Park? Reach out to us at inquiry@lovedhomes.com! If you enjoy hosting friends and family, we’ve already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the perfect home for you, so make an offer today!