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Latest News : 05/08/2017

We Came, We Saw, We Partied: A Brief Recap of our Summer Soiree!

We feel quite comfortable knowing that our Summer Soiree was a rousing success. We were so excited and honored to combine our passion for beautiful homes with the varied passions of members of our community. This latest high-end event is far and away our most engaging and successful open house to date. Gone are the […]

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Bringing the Love back to Real Estate.

We are a premier Austin, TX based Real Estate solutions company that is passionate about bringing love and restoration back to real estate.  We know what it takes to make a House a Home, and take pride in doing what we can to bring quality Homes to those who will love them, once again.

We have a strong team dedicated to solving problems for homeowners in distressed situations, preserving and building quality homes, and also providing safe and solid investments in the homes that we purchase and improve.

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Preservation and Sustainability – Tenets for the future

In a society and time where waste is a prevalent and ubiquitous trend, any opportunities to reuse or preserve should be embraced.  Here at Loved Homes we take pride in doing our part to fight this “throwaway” culture.  We go through great measures to try and preserve all of the homes we buy.  Out of the 50+ homes we’ve built or remodeled only two were unsalvageable, and this was only after great pains and analysis by us and our engineers to determine if there was any way to make the structure safe and reusable.

We are blessed that our efforts have not gone unnoticed, and that the impact of our decisions to preserve the homes and culture of Austin and the surrounding areas has reached so many people.  Below are two articles about our remodel project on Garden St. in downtown Austin.  We preserved 7 little bungalow rental homes that were built in the early ’20s.  These homes would’ve surely have been torn down by any other developer, but we were one of the few, if not only, developer that was willing–and eager!–to preserve these homes.

East Austin Reunion Tells Two Tales of Local Preservation

East Austin home restoration bucks trend, saves neighborhood memories

Quality Homes

When we remodel or preserve a home we don’t just go for the aesthetics.  We want a home that will not only look good, but will provide a safe and comfortable home to you and your family that can be loved and appreciated for many years to come.  We take this very seriously, and as a token of quality we provide a 1-year warranty to all those that purchase a Loved Home.  This warranty covers all of the work that we did to the home, and also wraps appliance manufacturers’ warranties as well.  This is aimed to make the warranty process as easy as possible, leaving the tracking of such things to us for that first year.